Disco House I William Smalley

5474-061A T39 SC7 T1 590H 590V


Photography by Luke White

Master bathroom photography by Alexander James


Aptly named by its architect, William Smalley, Disco House is a townhouse like no other, situated in the heart of London’s Notting Hill area.

Spread across six floors the home offers a collection of unique spaces using an array of impressive materials: Each space creating its own atmosphere and character that has a binding clarity of thought, retaining the building’s Victorian history. The residence is the result of differing yet harmonious ideas, experiences and influences that meet to convey sophistication and character.

Disco House is the fifth collaboration between architect William Smalley and Pinzauer. From the shell that they found five years ago, this partnership has transformed the six floors into an extraordinary and inspiring mix of Italian and bespoke pieces.

The challenge was to both preserve and recreate the character of a Victorian townhouse whilst incorporating 21st-century updates such as the display kitchen, a sophisticated renovation blending the interior Art Deco Style, Victorian original features and clean modernistic lines. There are two cooking areas - the morning kitchen; an intimate back stage area infused with the freshness of matt lacquer and wood. And the evening kitchen: an entertainment area being designed with the three shaded marble surfaces and different the metal shades.

A Villa Necchi Campiglio-inspired winter garden extends off of the landing: all glass and polished brass, with a heated green marble floor creating a small yet decadent garden of Italian marbles, polished brass and nature.

The master bathroom is clad in a watery silk georgette limestone, with a feature customised Onsen basin. In contrast to the natural limestone an accent of gold has been added with a VOLA 2473-061 roundhead shower and mixer, T39 heated towel rail and SC7 bath filler in polished natural brass.

Delving deeper under the building reveals a Peter Zumthor – Vals-inspired spa room which feels as if it could have been meticulously carved out of a large mass of basalt rock that lay beneath the house. The spa area plays with different shades and finishes of natural
stones producing a calming and serene atmosphere to theatrical effect.

In contrast to the black basalt rock the use of a VOLA 590V in polished natural brass sits within a modest shrine-like sink nook. Opposite a VOLA T39 is used to decorative yet practical effect in matching finish. Beauty and aesthetics were clearly of primary
importance within their design and the thought that everything else would flow from that without compromise kept their intentions clea

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