Colour 28: Matt white

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Photography by Piet Albert Goethals

Filmography by Paul Beauchamp


Enriching the senses with design

Interiors are defined by myriad touch points, from surfaces and textiles to balustrades, handles and taps. A subtle shift from one surface to another can enhance the qualities of both.

Design that places an emphasis on form, texture and feeling is at a premium, enabling you to shape every last aspect of a space, transforming an interior into a seamless experience that emphasises small, everyday interactions to create a more satisfying whole. 

Design is all about making a connection, emphasising the things that we use throughout our day to refresh and revive us. The best design considers the smallest details, with effortless mechanisms, simplicity of form and visual delights that have been honed over decades. Over millions of years of evolution, our sense of touch has been refined to instantly decipher information and emotion.


Texture and touch

The key elements of bathing are surfaces, taps, spouts and water. Water defines the experience but surfaces, taps and spouts can shape and steer the experience. Touch can transform everyday moments into quietly satisfying rituals that enhance the user’s relationship with the natural world and ease the complexities and stresses of contemporary life.

Texture enriches these moments, providing contrast and enhancing our everyday interactions. By focusing on the texture, action and form of key touch points, an interior designer can convey many things, from richness and warmth through to a strong sense of functionality and efficiency, or simplicity, purity and craftsmanship.

Sensation and experience 

 Spaces created for wellness can be transformed by attention to detail. Atmosphere, sensation and experience are all at the core of a feeling of wellness, and the right design approach not only satisfies our desire for sensory feedback but also balances responses and moods. When simplicity and purity are combined with a strong duty of care for nature and the environment, the connection between water and wellbeing is even more pronounced.

The smallest detail and the lightest touch can make an impact, both physically and emotionally. The tactile, almost intimate surface of VOLA’s Matt white finish is due to its subtly shifting surface texture, which alludes to warm natural surfaces like eggshell and pebbles.

It blends in with a huge variety of natural materials, as well as emphasising the meticulous geometry of VOLA design. Touch is our means of engaging directly with our surroundings, helping transform intangible feelings into a truly emotional response.

Nature and natural materials 

There is beauty in subtle imperfection, when tiny variations of surface texture impact on senses through the lightest of touch. Simplicity of form and colour can also enhance the strength and nobility of natural materials, strong forms and bold architecture. The result is a strong connection to nature.

A space designed to promote wellness accentuates the sense of ritual, making bathing an accumulation of small delights that adds up to a rich, all-embracing whole.

There’s a strong affinity with landscape and nature within Danish culture, and this spirit and respect is particularly pronounced in Danish design and manufacturing. Honest objects help us reconnect with life’s fundamentals, letting small details coalesce into a larger picture of wellness and communion with nature.

Light and tone 

Craft, purity and modularity are fundamental building blocks of a contemporary interior. In this way, timeless designs have an elemental quality, objects that can be pared back to pure expressions of light, tone and form without compromising their function.

A plain finish renders a geometrically perfect object down to a simple, monolithic form, pure and unencumbered, shaped only by tone. No reflections, just light and dark, sun and shadow, coming together to accentuate a set of precise forms that have become synonymous with functionalism, quality and wellness.

These uniquely refined objects allow architects and designers to redirect the user’s focus onto light, form, texture and touch, enhancing the experience of wellness and the role of the modern bathroom as a place of retreat and relaxation. In this way, a sophisticated design language can create a partnership with many different approaches and styles of architecture and interiors

Finally, there is the calmness and ritual of the bathing process itself. A holistic approach to every design element ensures that even the smallest moment – from closing a door to initiating a silent cascade of water - can make a difference to our lives, adding positivity, value and meaning.

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